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Stop Transgender Indoctrination in Schools

Children have enough to deal with without the radical gender confusion being shoved down their throats by far-left propagandists. Janie Lopez opposes the federal agenda of indoctrinating our kids and will never allow drag shows or transgender studies to be taught in public schools.

Funding for Local Infrastructure

For too long, the Valley has been neglected when it comes to our roads, sidewalks, streetlights, and basic infrastructure. Janie Lopez will work for increased state funding to address local road pavement issues, make sidewalk improvements, increase lighting on our streets, and provide flood prevention.

Improve Maternal Health

Texas needs to do better when it comes to caring for mothers and their babies. As our next State Representative, Janie Lopez will support new pro-family legislation and increase healthcare services for pregnant women and new mothers. She will also work to add new resources for women, newborns, and families.

Fight Local Corruption

Janie Lopez ran for school board because she was tired of watching the local political establishment become rich off government contracts through corruption and mismanagement. When she won, Janie got right to work exposing corrupt practices and shutting them down. She will do the same as our State Representative.

Support the Texas Energy Industry

The oil and gas industries are critical to the success of our local economy. Janie Lopez will stand firm against radicals that are actively attempting to undermine the oil and gas industry, and she will protect our local jobs.

Stand with Law Enforcement

Violent crime and illegal drugs pose a massive threat to our families. Janie Lopez stands by our local police officers and will fight to prevent radicals from defunding our police departments.

Help Local Businesses

The federal government is doing nothing to support the Texas economy. As State Representative, Janie Lopez will support policies that are helping local small businesses, fight regulations that are hindering our economy, and help create jobs.

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